Vision of the Department of Theology

  1. To spread the Gospel by teaching students Biblical truths;
  2. Contribute to upliftment in the country through academic excellence;
  3. Making a difference in the Kingdom of God.

Purpose of the Diploma in Ministry

  1. To provide a Qualification in Christian Ministry based on sound doctrinal, academic and theoretical foundations;
  2. To prepare students for a vocation in ministry through academic and experiential learning;
  3. To prepare students to play a leadership role in the church and community.

Who will benefit from Diploma in Ministry?

  1. Independent churches who do not have their own theological training;
  2. Lay preachers in various churches;
  3. Cell-group leaders and elders in congregations;
  4. Young people who want to enter a vocation of ministry;
  5. Part-time students who are working fulltime;
  6. Students who do not qualify to enter a level 7 degree in Theology.

Admission Requirements

National Senior Certificate granting access to diploma studies.

Senior Certificate without endorsement.

National Certificate Vocational (NCV).

Higher Certificate at NQF Level 5.

Advanced Certificate at NQF Level 6

Please Note: Students who enrol for the qualification must have access to a computer with MS Office and the internet.

Academic Information

NAME OF PROVIDER:        Skillspro (Pty)Ltd
TITLE:                                   Diploma in Ministry         

FIELD:                                    Field 07 – Human and Social Studies

SUB-FIELD:                           Religious and Ethical Foundations of Society

LEVEL:                                    NQF Level 06

Number of Credits:               379

South African Qualifications Authority Qualification ID:  96454

Department on Higher Education
Provisionally registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training until the date determined by the registrar as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997.

Provisional registration certificate no:  2019/HE07/005

Council on Higher Education Ref No:     H/PR689/E001E